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Yoga teacher training in goa
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Yoga Teacher Training Courses GOA, 2013 – 14
Yoga school india If you are searching a good and registered yoga teacher training school In India then leave your search now and move to Mahi yoga teacher training center it is one of the best yoga school register under the Government of India and it also has been certified by Yoga Alliance USA. Mahi yoga teacher training school offers its yoga program in Goa and McLeod Ganj situated in Dharamshala.

In goa you will find huge coconut vegetation over the wide blue beautiful Indian Ocean. People who come here are not only gifted with different types of yoga program but they also get an amazing beach vacation. Mahi is the main inspiration behind Mahi Yoga teacher Training center from the age of eleven he is learning different form of yoga. After learning all the yoga form he decided to spread his yoga teaching among the yoga lover through its center and this is only an attempt to provide a stress free, healthy and peaceful life among the people of all age. Here background doesn’t matter here you are going to be offered support, regard and each and everything which is being needed for yoga educating. This School will offer you a deep knowledge of power yoga and all forms of its. From this yoga school you learn the invisible secret of meditation, Mudras and also pranayams. We not only flourish for transfer you theory and practical in fact we also offer a depth research of lighting of spirit and lastly the informative. We have a team of well qualified international yoga teachers who offers a number of yoga program including meditation, pranayams Mudras and much more.

How’s the class going?

Mahi will not only check ones actual physical human body to see if there’s any problems before actual exercising, but he also feel when someone is ready for innovative asanas, motivating to improvement on the way to excellence. On the spot this center will give you the necessary props such as Belts, blocks, chair and blanket, mats etc. Assistant teacher are always ready to help you in doing yoga exercises safely.

Today some learners are enthusiastic about philosophical element of yoga asanas, and thatas well Mahi can provide you a lot of information about the origins and origins of the particular position.

200 Hour & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in GOA

Yoga teacher training in Goa offers a fully theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga from best yoga experts. Yoga teacher training program includes essential elements of yoga exercises like meditation, chanting mantras, yoga poster and lots of yoga techniques Like Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga.  Yoga teacher training courses is also good for those who only wants to get self knowledge and want to learn yogic life. Learning yoga teacher training in Goa is a good experience to learn yoga from experienced teachers and through in this course you will get an basic knowledge of philosophy and meditation.

200 Hour & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dharamshala

As we all know that yoga is one of the best ways to remain healthy physically and mentally. Yoga unites body and mind together. If you want to be really fit through yoga you should a good place for learning yoga and Mahi Yoga is among the best place for learning yoga in among the others. In Mc Leod Ganj Dharmshala Mahi Yoga training school is present and this place you will find a best touchy weather. The maximum heat range out here is 36 levels, with awesome days and noon’s. Dharamshala is magnificently in the Himalayas and there are number of things to do in Dharamshala like viewing the Kotwali Bazaar, Lower Dharamshala and other designation.

As it mentioned above that Mahi Yoga is situated at McLeod Ganj and it is one of the best yoga training centre. This place is also one of the wettest place during the time of monsoon you can also enjoy snowfall during winter. Best time for learning yoga here is spring and summer.

Course : 200 HRS. YTTC (Multi-Style)
22nd Oct. to 20th Nov. 2013
25th Nov. to 23rd Dec. 2013
6th Jan. to 3rd Feb. 2014
10th Feb. to 10th March. 2014
Prices : 1300 Euro
Couple Prices : 2300 Euro
Early Bird Prices : 1100 Euro
Yoga Teacher Training Courses Dharmshala, 2013– 14
Course : 200 HRS. YTTC (Multi-Style)
1st Aug. to 30th Aug. 2013
7th Sep. to 5th Oct. 2013
3rd Apr. to 1st May. 2014
5th May. to 3rd June. 2014
9th June. to 7th July. 2014
5th Sep. to 3rd Oct. 2014
Prices : 1000 Euro
Couple Prices : 1800 Euro
Early Bird Prices : 900 Euro

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